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    Relicase is a museum display cases (cabinets) & museum showcases manufacturer in china, aims to design the high quality museum showcase and customized solution.
    • Products

      5 pages Relicase supplied various of museum display case and showcase products, including Custom, Free-standing, Wall cases, Table top display cases and Storage System.
    • Custom Display Cases, Showcases Custom display cases & showcases by Relicase are individually designed, suitable for all kinds of exhibition halls, will produce the most exciting presentation.
    • Freestanding display cases Freestanding display cases by Relicase are offered the best display effect. It is the most commonly type of showcases, produced the most exciting presentation.
    • Wall Display Cases, Showcases Wall display cases by Relicase can be mounted on a wall or inlaid on a wall, showcase for space saving, offering Shelving, Interior Lighting and Exhibit Option.
    • Table Top Display Cases, Showcases Table top display cases are the perfect choice to present the small artefacts, with convenient opening method, high level of security and environmental control.
    • Storage Systems Display Cases Make the most of every inch of your space with storage systems display cases from Relicase. Applicable to high density or compact display and storage.
    • Museum Showcases Design

      3 pages Relicase design team completed the most distinctive projects, R&D center offered technical support and solution, aims to designed high quality museum showcases.
    • Showcase design pinciples Relicase Showcase design pinciples include Appearance, Durability, Guarantee of Environment Inside Showcases, Security, Ease of Operation & USAGE and more.
    • Showcase design approach Relicase Showcase design approach include Concept Development, Concept Implementation, Project Assessment, Concept Realezation, Quality Control and more.
    • Select Showcase Showcase select includes Type, Plinth Base, Access or Opening, Lighting, Glass, Environment Control, Security & Protection, Color and other Auxiliary Functions.
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    • About Us

      3 pages Relicase is a professional Museum display cases (cabinets) & Museum showcases manufacturer and supplier in china, please get to know more information about us.
    • Our factory Our factory has office building, machining, glass processing, sheet metal parts processing, pre treatment, spraying, glass bonding, board and assembly workshop.
    • Why relicase What makes Relicase the best choice for your museum showcases? Over 15 years of experience, professional design, R&D focused, excellent services and more.
    • Service maintenance Our service and maintenance guarantee covers every aspects of our meetings and contacts with our customers. This includes a complete understanding of your needs.